April 4, 1968

In memory of events that happened 48 years ago today. At times it seems like a lifetimes. At times it seems like yesterday.

It seemed like a normal spring day in the city.  The sun was shinning; although it looked like rain clouds would soon be coming in from the South-west.  The gentle breeze barely kept the flag afloat above the empty city municipal building.  People walked by and paid little attention to the building’s closed doors.  Nor did they bother to read the small hand written sign on the door.

In the heavenlies over the city there was a stirring like never before.  Death, Deception and Oppression were waging a war on the small remnant that remained in the city.  The ground work had been laid by Oppression and Deception.  They had worked tirelessly for years to establish a stronghold over the city.

Death had helped in the past, but today he and the others were more united than ever.  There were many other warriors with them, but it was clear that this battle belonged to them.

A few miles away on the South side of the city was a crowed of people outside a small motel.  Inside was a solid frame, dark skin, man that had risen to a sort of national prominence.  Tired from travel, and weary from the warfare of civil unrest that he had witnessed.  He made preparation to face “The Bear” one more time.  He looked in the mirror and noticed the darkness around his eyes.  He straightened his narrow tie and put on his sport coat.  He missed his wife.  “She’s been a real trooper to put up with all this,” he thought to himself.  The man opened the door to his hotel room and as he stepped outside he took a deep breath and sighed, “Here we go again”.

Deception stood unseen towering over a small framed man who paced the floor of an empty warehouse near the hotel.  Deception and some of his imps had teased the small man’s mind until he couldn’t think clearly.  Deception had a glowing smile that reveled his sharp yellow teeth.  His red eyes raced back and forth ever watching to make the right move.

There was a small piece of property that separated the warehouse from the street, but the motel was clearly visible from here.  The man looked out the warehouse window at the small motel  just across the street.  Deception moved into final battle position.  As the man looked out he saw a dark, solid frame man step out on to the motel balcony.  Deception stretched out his long index finger and began to stir inside the small man’s mind.  He whispered something to the man to the effect of, “this is the Christian thing to do”.  As Deception continued to whisper a dark caped shadow circled above the motel.  As the small man watched out the window , now fully entranced by Deception, he reached for a rifle that was resting on the ledge of the window.  He took aim at the solid frame figure and squeezed the trigger.  Deception laughed and Death now dropped from the sky to guide the bullet. He raced like never before.  This would be his bright and shining moment.  Death knew that if he guided the bullet past the small holy remnant that protected the solid frame man, it could mean total victory over the city.  It came almost effortlessly for Death.  Hate, Anger, Bitterness, and most of all Oppression cleared the way  for Death to do his deed.  Death pushed the bullet even faster with all is might.  He followed the bullet with a solid “thump” into the man’s chest.

Suddenly the solid frame man felt a sharp pain in his chest.  “What was that noise”, he wondered.  His breath was taken from him.  He grabbed his chest to ease the pain and he felt himself sink to the ground.  It all happened so quickly he couldn’t seem to help himself; he just reacted.  As he lay on the balcony he could hear the screams of the crowed.  He couldn’t tell what they were saying until he felt someone crouch over his body and scream, “Oh my God!  He’s been Shot!”

After all these years he had been so strong.  Now all he could do was lay there and rest.  He felt a peace, almost like a warmth, cover him from his head to his feet.  He closed is eyes and went to sleep, knowing he would never wake up again.

For a brief moment there was silence, then there was a loud shout in the heavenlies.  Death, Deception, and Oppression had won a mighty victory.  All the evil forces of darkness in the air rejoiced.  It was no small battle, but one that had gone on now for over one hundred years; and now the city was theirs.

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