A Psalm of Leonard

It’s always fun to find something that you have written and forgotten about. I found this piece just the other day. I don’t know what was going on when I wrote this piece, but it’s appropriate for the holiday season.

So many people struggle with loneliness, doubt, and anxiety over the holiday season. The following is a “Psalm” that I had written in one such valley that I had gone through. It’s written in the form of one of favorite Psalms of David written thousands of years ago.

It is my hope that if you are struggling or battling something, that you can sense the sincerity of this passage and that it will encourage you.

A Psalm of Leonard written Feb 10, 1999

Oh Lord how far are the heavens from the Earth? Are they so far that you can no longer hear my voice? When I cry out do you hear me, or have you turned your back on me?

I call to you and hear no response. I sing your praises, yet I cannot tell that you are near. How long oh Lord must I call?

How long oh Lord must I cry out before you will answer?
Have I offended thee? Have I brought disgrace to your name?

You have said, if we ask for bread you will not give us a stone. Is this such a selfish thing that I have asked of you?

Surely you are the God of old who caused the blind to see. Surely you are the same God who can bring life unto those who were dead.

I know you can hear me. I know that you know my needs. Surely you will not let your children go hungry. You Word says that we shall not beg for bread.

Even though I hear no answer, I will praise you. Even if you are hidden where I can not see; I will believe in you.

You have never failed me in the past, nor will you fail me now. Even the Earthly father cares for and watches his children; how much more will our Heavenly Father watch over us?

Let us sing your praises. Let us shout for joy among your people. Let us worship you in the temple and tell of your goodness in the streets.

I cannot be silent. I must cry out. For you are a good Good and I will worship you always.

This burden may pass tomorrow, but you will always be with me. I will not let my affliction be an offense to me. I will sing your praises anyhow.

Praise you The Lord.
Praise you The Lord!

For you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I will worship you forever!